You Are What You Dare

I’ll admit it takes a lot for me to sink my teeth into a creative endeavor. The stresses resulting from juggling a dead-end, entry-level occupation and a full course-load at university weighed me down for so long. My youthful free time was spent decompressing. It became a habit. I toiled along in classes that held no personal value, clocked in for a unchallenging day job, and came home to chill and sleep. The cycle continues on.

All these vibrant worlds brewing up in my head, all those words lingering on the tip of my tongue, all went to waste. Even my dream project, a coming-of-age queer drama set in the midst of a galactic war fell victim to my incessant need to decompress. That girl deserved so much better than to sit idly by, locked away in an outline document, hoping for the one day I’d rekindle my passion for prose.

No more excuses. She’s coming out.

My name is Natalie Stubblefield, and if you’ll indulge me, I’m going to be the very writer you all expected me to be.

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